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Isn’t FLP and MLM all about People? Why then also do Internet Marketing?

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FLP is a people businessIt’s quite common that your MLM company and your upline manager (the person who sponsored you into this business) will encourage personal contact when recruiting or selling: speaking to others in person, picking up the telephone to talk, and other live and in-person methods of contact to grow your business. They will say “Network Marketing is a People Business”.

And they’re right. That’s what’s so great about it!

And that’s probably one of the main reasons why you joined this company. Let’s be honest – it’s not all about the money. Possibly the person who contacted you and talked about the opportunity and the products impressed you with their warm personality and friendly, helpful nature. They may have mentioned all the supportive training and help you will get if you join. And especially with Forever Living, once you interact with your upline, downline, and other distributors and staff, and attend some of the training sessions, you will find that you feel like you belong to a large, friendly family; rather than a cold, impersonal business.

All good.

But there are some misconceptions and problems with relying only on personal contact to grow your business. Consider that:

  1. You may quite quickly run out of people to talk to. Even if you already have a large number of family, friends, acquaintances and contacts in your environment who you are willing to contact, these might eventually dry up.
  2. The people you know and those they know might not always be in your target market. This is a very simple but important and powerful concept in marketing – you need to contact people who are relevant to your products, services or business opporrtunity; or you will be wasting a lot of your and their time promoting to those who are not interested or right for your business.
  3. You are missing out of a much larger market by ignoring the very powerful medium of the Internet.

However, this is important: Even through the use of the Internet, you need to ensure your interactions with those you reach out to, or those who find you, are still personalised. That is, you still need to show the same care and take the same time and effort talking to these people about their lives and needs, as you would if you were standing in front of them.

Some ways you can ensure you’re staying personal, even over the World Wide Web:

  • Once someone has contacted you via your website or social media, arrange a time for a video chat or a Skype call, so that your interactions are immediately more personal than emails.
  • Take time to hear their story, because their needs are just as important as people around you, and will impact on their decision to buy or join.
  • Keep in regular contact with them, so they know you think about them.
  • Keep notes about their circumstances, so that you can ask them questions about their lives, which shows you care. Use their name every time you contact them.
  • Think about ways to make them feel special, for example, send them free online gifts in the form of e-books, information, links or vouchers; and remember to wish them ‘happy birthday’ on the day!

Network Marketing is a people business. This is what gives it the potential to be so successful. So you need to use that to your advantage, and keep personalising your business interactions, even when utilising the Internet to help grow your business.


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